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Martial Arts have evolved through time, but their essence remains intact: the search of character perfection, in terms of balance in the personality of each one of the practitioners.

There are several ways to obtain this balance and one of them is the practice of Martial Arts.



The training consists  on developing the whole body as a weapon itself through the training of karate techniques that strengthen the body, the mind, and the spirit.



Self-defense is one of the most interesting branches of martial arts, because it consists on subduing the enemy with its own strength using throws and joint locks.


Combat Techniques

Practical application of techniques and combat sequences with one or many enemies.



Consist of two Karate techniques (Shitō-ryū 糸東流 and Shōtōkan 松濤館 ), Aikido and Self Defense techniques used by the Japanese police force. The training consists of a technical, physical, and athletic preparation which allows the improvement of combat techniques, acquiring a balance between concentration, flexibility, speed, and strength.

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Genaro Torres has trained traditional Karate since 1983 and has given lessons to groups at all levels in the school Casa Del Sol. Sensei Torres is a 4th Dan in Traditional Karate and has received the Honorary Title of Renshi (literally a “polished expert”) issued by Sadatomo Harada Soke (Honorary-President of International Karate Union, one of the students of Kenwa Mabuni founder of the Shitō-Ryū style) and is an active member of Dai Nippon Butoku Sai, the most prestigious organization in traditional Japanese martial arts based in Kyoto.

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The Path of Continuous Growth

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