Combat Techniques

One of the main goals of every martial arts student is having the capacity to react in an effective way during fight. This training includes techniques and combat sequences to improve the practical application. This classes are focused on all people who have an intermediate or advanced level in some fight style and wish to learn new techniques, as well as improve the application of that knowledge in fighting


The training consists of controlled fights with protection and under control (marking the movements) applying the learned techniques (with one or many enemies). In addition, we train the same sequences with complete force to improve physical control and the effectiveness in combat.

It consists of the following aspects:

  1. 1. Effectiveness of movement (technique, speed, fluidity, and power)
  2. 2. Sequences, projections and application of techniques
  3. 3. Management of the area, mobility and combat efficiency
  4. 4. Management of "timing" (rhythms and surprise factor)
  5. 5. Physical training (flexibility, strength, and stamina).

Camaraderie and respect are always kept during the training, without forgetting that in a real situation, combat is the last resource to which a true martial artist will recur.

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