Self-defense is one of the most interesting branches of martial arts, because it consists of throws and joint locks causing the enemy to surrender with its own strength. Sometimes, it is difficult to know how to react when somebody surprisingly grabs us and we are not able to free ourselves especially when the attacker is bigger or stronger than we are.


Consists on how to react to an assault without getting hurt. Each class is focused on increasing self-confidence, improving the ability and effectiveness in the application of the techniques, it is important to emphasize that students do not require many years to learn the techniques and to utilize them, and not require a strictly athletic formation. However, it must be clarified that the effectiveness of these techniques is obtained with repetition, in order for them to become a second nature and be expressed spontaneously when necessary. For that reason, the techniques that are taught in this course must be practiced and reviewed physically and mentally as much as possible. In conclusion, it is necessary to master some physical movements, but also to be psychologically prepared (attention and self-confidence) to react appropriately in dangerous situations when necessary: "A maximum of efficacy with a minimum effort".


The training also includes Aikido techniques, which is a Japanese martial art that consists of using the momentum of the attacker to change the direction of his/her movement, taking advantage of it and using that same energy to project or dominate him/her. The goal is to use the concept of "nonresistance" with the purpose of debilitating the strength of the opponent.

In addition, the classes are focused on the training and practice of some of the main techniques of:

  1. 1. Self-defense used by the Japanese police force
  2. 2. Aikido
  3. 3. Defense and counterattack
  4. 4. Physical training (flexibility and strength)

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