Sensei Torres, committed to the practice of Karate when he was four years old in Mexico City at Casa Del Sol Dojo with Sensei Antonio Belmont and Juan Leonel Sierra in 1983. Since the beginning of his trainings he showed an outstanding spirit, a great passion for Karate, Self-Defense, and Japanese culture. At the age of thirteen, Sensei Belmont recruited him as Senpai; at that moment, he started his career as an instructor helping his Sensei during all his classes.

He got recognition competing in Kumite (freestyle fighting) representing his Dojo as well as his University (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) in several tournaments. Sensei Torres has devoted his life to sharing the same gift that was given to him from his Sensei. He has trained students of all levels and Karate has been the way to become a better person and his way to plant seeds in others in order to help them live their lives with justice, camaraderie, respect, and honorability. He is part of FEMEKA (Mexican Federation of Martial Arts and Karate, affiliated to the World Karate Federation) and has been part of International Seishinkai Karate Union (ISKU). He moved to San Diego in 2007 and opened a new dojo where he enthusiastically shares his knowledge of Karate and Japanese Self-Defense with students of all ages. He also practices Iaido (the art of the samurai sword) and Aikido (techniques to redirect the momentum of an opponent's attack) with Sensei Koichi Nakamura whose family were of the samurai class.

Sensei Torres is a 4th Dan in Traditional Karate and has received the Honorary Title of Renshi (literally a “polished expert”) issued by Sadatomo Harada Soke (Honorary-President of ISKU, one of the students of Kenwa Mabuni founder of the Shitō-Ryū style) and is an active member of Dai Nippon Butoku Sai, the most prestigious organization in traditional Japanese martial arts based in Kyoto.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Systems Thinking Engineering and Planning (Graduated with Honors). He founded GTC Consulting ( a company that provides executive coaching, leadership training, and organizational consulting to businesses in the United States and Latin America.