Karate is a Japanese combat technique without weapons. The training is focused on developing the whole body as a weapon itself.

The classes consist of the training of defense, strikes, kicks and projection techniques, considering that the essence relies on the improvement of the mental, spiritual, and physical, aspects of the practitioners.


Karate has a structure that consists of:

  1. 1. Basic, intermediate and advanced techniques (stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, etc.)
  2. 2. Kata (series of attack and defense movements against several enemies)
  3. 3. Kumite (application on combat of techniques with control)
  4. 4. Physical training (flexibility, speed, and strength)
  5. 5. Mental training (concentration and visualization).

These five characteristics need to be trained and perfected throughout the eight levels in which the advance in Karate is divided, meaning from white belt through black belt.

However, the main goal goes beyond these levels, it is a life-style that must last forever and must be demonstrated in daily activities.